ROTARIA Digestate Mixing

The large propeller mixer Amaprop 2500 provides a very good mixing performance at low energy cost. Because of the low revolution speed of the large propeller with 2.5m diameter and their optimised geometric profile, these mixers provide a very good thrust to load ratio. The large mixers are fitted to a pylon inside of the digester and can be removed and re-installed for maintenance purposes even when the digester is fully filled.

Amaprop 1000

What makes good digestate mixing necessary?
  • Intense contact between microorganisms and fresh input material.
  • Even distribution microorganisms and input material in the digester.
  • De-gassing of the digestate.
  • Prevention of top and bottom layer formation.
  • Uniform temperature distribution.
The Amaprop 1000 is a medium speed mixer. It is installed on a standard angle and height adjustable support. In contrast to the large propeller mixers and can be position adjusted externally. Compared to other medium speed mixers the Amaprop 1000 offers a higher thrust and a better thrust to electrical load ratio.

In combination, the mixers Amaprop 2500 and Amaprop 1000 allow a reliable and energy efficient stirring of the digester content. ROTARIA digester plants are equipped with this forward-looking mixer concept. Apart from initial installations for new plants ROTARIA also offers the retro-fitting of these units.

Large submersible mixer Amaprop 2500