ROTARIA Gas Chilling Equipment

Biogas chilling with counter current flow

For larger biogas plant’s gas cleansing and chilling needs ROTARIA offers technology that employs a spray column filled with packing material. The warm, untreated gas flows through the sprayed water in a counter current, with the contained water vapor and dust condensing on the column’s packing material. This facilitates a very intense contact between biogas and chilled packing without having to fear heat exchanger fouling.

Gas booster station with gas chiller for 500m3/h

Biogas chilling with tubular heat exchangers

Biogas chilling with tubular heat exchangers

For cleansing and chilling the biogas of smaller plants ROTARIA offers a solution that employs a tubular heat exchanger. Biogas flows through a multitude of smaller tubes and transfers its heat to the coolantsurrounding the tubes. On the path through the small tubes the gas cools down, eventually condensing the water vapor contained in the gas. Water vapor and a large portion of the contained dust are thus kept away from the CHP plant.