ROTARIA Treatment Ponds

The Standard: Aerated Treatment Ponds

In a pond treatment system only a low concentration of bio-active sludge can form, since it can’t be retained and kept in the respective pond. This also means that the Oxygen brought into the pond by the aeration system cannot be fully utilized.
The operation of the aeration system often rather serves the maintenance of turbulence rather than the aeration itself.
Actively influencing the treatment process thus is very difficult. Nitrification and further treatment eliminating Nitrogen and Phosphate often are not possible.

SBR Pond Systems

The aeration of an SBR pond system only takes place in the first, the SBR pond. Due to the higher concentration of bio-active sludge, the Oxygen input is predominantly used for the treatment process.
The installation of a mixer adds the capability to largely eliminate Nitrogen and Phosphate.