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Use of waste heat for cogeneration plants - SteamDrive

Through the utilization of waste heat, the energy efficiency of cogeneration (CHP) can be significantly increased. SteamDrive system allow a much more economical and greener operation of a CHP - regardless of the fuel and combustion processes.

energy balance



In the steam engine plant, the exhaust gas heat energy is utilized for steam generation. The vapor pressure generated here is used in a downstream steam engine to drive a generator. The not used by the steam cycle heat is in the temperature range from 90 ° C to further heat consumers (Cogeneration).

functional diagram



When installing or retrofitting the space-saving SteamDrive compact module is connected consisting of the generator and the steam engine via a pipeline system with a steam generator in the exhaust system. The delivery and integration is taken over completely by Rotaria.

SteamDrive compact module