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ROTARIA Sealed Digestate Storage Ponds

Long storage periods and large amounts of manure often bring conventional storage vessels to the brink of economic viability. With large amounts of digestate that need to be handled, this may put the economic feasibility of the entire biogas operation into question. This is where the sealed digestate storage pond can provide an interesting technical and economical alternative.
The aim of the digestate storage is to provide a minimum storage time of 150 days with full utilization of the gas production. Large storage facilities also provide the advantage of allowing the spreading of the manure during the growing season.
For this end, ROTARIA has developed a new storage pond system that, apart from cost efficient storage and full gas utilization also provides good digestate mixing and easy operation.
The storage pond can be stirred by the activation of swimming electrical mixers. The stirring strongly benefits from the streamlined oval shape of the pond. The biogas that collects under the covering film is drawn out by a small booster station, adding it to the main gas flow of the digester plant.

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